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Sneh Social Welfare Foundation is a Social, Cultural, Economic, Health, Educational relief and rural/urban community development organisation registered in New Delhi as a charitable trust in the year 2016.

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation has worked closely and tirelessly to champion the rights of children and women across the city, encouraged young girls and their parents in the slum regions of Delhi NCT, created awareness programmes to discuss the critical issues faced by disabled persons and has worked together to find practical solutions.

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation envisions a world where all children, differently-abled individuals, and women, no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the successful next generation of the nation. We strive to empower women and girls from marginalized communities. We provide market-oriented vocational training of sewing, knitting, beautician courses, files and record-keeping, necessary computer skills, internet and mobile usage relevant to their needs. The value-added skills help them earn additional income for their families.

Our Ongoing