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We are Non-Profit Organisation

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation is a youth-driven, Non-Profit Non-Government Organisation based in Delhi, India.

The Trust is established with the primary objective to run, maintain, assist and support distressed women in the rural areas to earn for their living, organize medical camps, educational institutions, sports club, vocational organizations, and rehabilitation centres for disabled citizens and underprivileged children.

Sneh Social Welfare Foundation is committed to coming up as an organization providing assistance and support to a large number of people, to reach the vulnerable domains of the society and to facilitate each life with identity, dignity, and respect.

We are working to help and support by providing facilities required for:

The children with special needs for their education

The marginalized & exploited women and children

The street children

Child labours living in the slum areas

The other weaker section of the society

Our focus is to channelize the resources from those who have it to those who need it the most. Sneh Social Welfare Foundation aims to work towards the development of society by providing education, medical facilities, and other facilities to all those in need. We work towards providing monetary assistance to those unable to fend for themselves due to old age, disease or any disability by supporting them through grassroots initiatives.

We strive to empower women and girls from marginalized communities. We provide them with market-oriented vocational training of sewing, knitting relevant to their needs and value-added skills to help them earn additional income for their families. We endeavour to come up as an organization by assisting a large number of people and helping the less fortunate sections of the society to live a dignified life.

Our Ongoing