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Skill Development

To ensure sustainable development of the society, Sneh Social Welfare Foundation contributes skill development programmes to women, children, and other underprivileged persons for economic empowerment. Various skills through vocational courses and awareness programs ensure them a dignified life.

The co-ordination of all skill development efforts

Removal of disconnect between demand and supply of skilled workforce

Building the vocational and technical training framework

Skill up-gradation

The building of new skills

Innovative thinking.

Our team not only consolidate and coordinate skilling efforts but also expedite decision making across sectors to achieve skilling at scale with speed and standards. The learner can acquire the certification for competency needed at any level through formal, non-formal or informal learning.

Our Project

Ability Vocational Centre

Ability Vocational Centre, a project of Sneh Social Welfare Foundation, aims to prepare the differently-abled people to become flexible, contemporary, relevant, inclusive and creative individuals of the society. Trainees are instructed from a young age to match their skills appropriately at workplaces in adulthood, enhancing their independence, self-reliance, and boost confidence. We also assist in developing a proper attitude, socially desirable values and work ethics.


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